Handcrafted by Antioch Barrel. Our liquor cabinets are like none other in the industry! To start, we select a premium, authentic 53 gallon American White Oak whiskey barrel. From here we work with you to design your artwork. Perhaps it’s your family crest, wedding day, anniversary, business logo, or something else that is representative of you, your family, or your business.

We then fasten all the rings into every stave of the barrel, cut out the door, clear out the char, and preserve the interior with a 2-stage preservation process. To finish, we perform a 3-stage sanding process, stain, vinyl seal, and add two coats of catalyzed Krystal clear finish. Finally, a glass shelf is installed along with a remote-control LED light strip.

Other ways to customize your liquor cabinet include adding a patented glass shelf lazy susan, pub table risers and footrests, an epoxy pour on the top of the barrel, tabletops, and bar chairs.

Here are some examples of liquor cabinets we have recently completed:

Ask about our patented lazy susan upgrade.

Have an idea for adding a personalized barrel to your home? Let’s talk! Give us a call today at (224) 430-3121.